MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Create Your Own Religion Competition

Because we here at the American Humanist Association appreciate creativity as much as philosophy, I thought HNN readers would enjoy hearing about The Huffington Post‘s 2013 Create Your Own Religion Competition. It’s simple: name your religion, and include its beliefs, rituals and holidays. After all, atheists are famous for creating the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but what else can we come up with? Some of my favorites from last year’s competition include “Church of Latte Saints” (true awakening), Committeeism (anyone who’s served on board knows what this is about) and Cheesanity (“Honor thy gouda, and holy cow”). Take part by uploading your made-up religion on The Huffington Post‘s page, and tell us about it so we can share your new religion with HNN readers next week!

Maggie Ardiente
HNN Editor