Anthony Cruz Pantojas

Anthony Cruz Pantojas regularly presents at numerous conferences and facilitates workshops on humanistic orientations and sensibilities within this current sociopolitical climate. As a Humanist Chaplain at Tufts University, they collaborate with diverse stakeholders to promote humanism and to encourage more expansive and reparative modes of thought and relationship. Cruz Pantojas earned master’s degrees in Theological Studies, and Leadership Studies from Andover Newton Theological School and Meadville Lombard Theological School, respectively. Additionally, they hold a Certificate in Humanist Studies from the American Humanist Association Center for Education of which they are the first graduate. Anthony has also published in various scholarly and popular outlets.

Posts by Anthony Cruz Pantojas

Being Latiné, Being Human

Rituals can relay a powerful connection to cultural vestiges, ancestral memories, and convivial possibilities for living. Their qualities can have a way of preserving... Read More