Jamie Woodhouse and Amy Halpern-Laff

Jamie Woodhouse is working to develop Sentientism as a philosophy and as a global movement. He hosts the Sentientism Podcast and YouTube and has published articles and presented academic seminars on the topic. He is building a range of global Sentientism Communities (open to all) that so far span over 100 countries. You can find him on Twitter @JamieWoodhouse and @Sentientism. Jamie is also a consultant.

A lifelong humanist, Amy Halpern-Laff is Director, Strategic Engagement and Communications of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, which educates communities about the devastating impacts of industrial animal agriculture on minorities humans, animals other than humans, and the planet. She also co-directs Ethics in Education Network, which supports progressive, secular ethics at the core of K-12 education, co-hosts the Ethical Schools podcast.

Posts by Jamie Woodhouse and Amy Halpern-Laff