John G. Rodwan, Jr.

John G. Rodwan, Jr. is the author of the essay collections Holidays & Other Disasters (Humanist Press, 2013) and Fighters & Writers (Mongrel Empire Press, 2010) and the co-author of Detroit Is: An Essay in Photographs (KMW Studio, 2015), a collection of his father’s photos. Rodwan’s essays and poems have appeared in numerous magazine, journals, and newspapers. His work has also appeared in anthologies such as Heaven Was Detroit (Wayne State University Press, 2016), edited by M.L. Liebler, and A Detroit Anthology (Belt Publishing, 2014), edited by Anna Clark. He lives in Detroit.

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Sir Salman’s Day

Valentine’s Day excerpt from Holidays and Other Disasters (Humanist Press, 2013) “On St. Valentine’s Day, 1989, the last day of her life…” – The... Read More