Leon F. Seltzer

Leon F. Seltzer holds doctorates in both English and Psychology. Having published several articles on literature and psychology, he is also the author of The Vision of Melville and Conrad and Paradoxical Strategies in Psychotherapy: A Comprehensive Overview and Guidebook. In addition, he’s a prolific blogger for Psychology Today: his 486 (and counting) posts and articles have received over 45 million views.

Posts by Leon F. Seltzer

Justice-Centered Humanism

BY ROY SPECKHARDT PITCHSTONE PUBLISHING, 2021 As is true for so many nonfiction works, it’s the subtitle that’s pivotal in explaining what the title... Read More

How Dark Is Your Dark Side?

When we talk about having a “dark side,” we’re generally calling attention to our most aggressive or lustful anti-social instincts—the mean-spirited, bloodthirsty belligerence presumably... Read More

How Hedonistic is Humanism?

To commentators on Fox News, this is a no-brainer: humanism is completely hedonistic. Assuming some sort of ultimate moral authority, pundits from Bill O’Reilly... Read More

When God Wept

If ever there were a day deserving to be called—secularly—a “day of reckoning,” this would be the day for Owen Ross, the forty-seven-year-old protagonist... Read More