Sarah Ray and Allie Ashmead

Sarah Ray (she/her) is a transgender woman who came to humanism out of the “angry atheist” phase upon seeing a need for secular communities to focus our energy into productive, positive impacts in our world. Sarah is an endorsed Humanist Celebrant and Vice President of The Humanist Society, and co-founded the Atheist Community of Polk County (now the Humanist Community of Polk County), She has produced and hosted several podcasts and Youtube shows since 2015, the “SarahTalk Podcast”, “Freethought in Florida”, and a season of the “Recovering from Religion” podcast.

Allie Ashmead (she/her) is a humanist who grew up in rural Virginia and became interested in volunteering in 2016. She actively supports many humanist organizations, including serving on the board of Go Humanity, has done volunteer work for Clay County Democrats in Florida, and was co-host on the podcast and YouTube show “Freethought in Florida”. Recently relocated to Aurora, Colorado, she continues to try to make a positive impact by volunteering her time to FoodBank of the Rockies and other important causes and charities.

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Humanist Trek

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