“The Flip Side of Science and Society” A Reverse Poem

A reverse poem reads line by line forward with one meaning and then reads line by line from the bottom to the top to reveal an entirely different meaning.

Photo, NASA/Bill Ingalls

Science is dangerous, immoral, antireligious.
I don’t find that
It benefits society.

Science is only for smart people.
Don’t assume
Science literacy is necessary.

Scientists preach from an ivory tower.
It’s not true that
Scientists are regular people with kids, and dogs, and a typical life.

Just geeks in white coats with microscopes and test tubes.
They are not
Moral people with a conscience.

Science is portrayed in the movies, on the web, and on Facebook.
It is important that
The public doesn’t pay much attention to scientific discovery.

Science and politics have been mingled.
Most don’t care that
Science is a way of knowing only about the natural world.

Global climate change and evolution have been politicized.
It’s not good that
Science informs us about nature.

Photo, NASA/Bill Ingalls

Photo, NASA/Bill Ingalls