Humanist Magazine Women’s March Photo Contest Winners!

Earlier this month we put out a call for high-res photographs from the January 21st Women’s March on Washington or accompanying Sister Marches. Congratulations to first-prize winner, Chris Line, second-prize winner, Colleen Kelly, and third-prize winner, Melody Haakenson.

1st prizechrislinecover
Photo by Chris Line, First Prize


Photo by Colleen Kelly, Second Price


Photo by Melody Haakenson, Third Prize

We were completely overwhelmed with fantastic submissions and are even using first-prize winner Chris Line’s photo on the cover of the March/April issue [LINK]. Honorable mentions goes to Teresa Lynn, Brian Engler, Wendy Gael Ogden, Jeff Boxwell, and Greg Leshé—check out their photos and other submissions from winner Chris Line in the print magazine and below.

Thanks to all the photographers who submitted their work—keep shooting and sharing humanist imagery!

Photo by Teresa Lynn


Photo by Brian Engler


Photo by Wendy Gael Ogden


Photo by Jeff Boxwell


Photo by Greg Leshé


Alternate submission by Chris Line


Alternate submission by Chris Line


Alternate submission by Chris Line