81st Anniversary Conference: Got Humanism?

We’re previewing more of the exciting sessions you’ll see when you attend the American Humanist Association’s (AHA) upcoming 81st Annual Conference. The Conference will be entirely virtual again this year, so you can join us from your very own home, or even set up a watch party with your friends, family, or local group.

The main Conference sessions will be on Saturday, June 25th, and Sunday, June 26th, with a Kick-Off Social Gathering on the evening of Friday, June 24th. We’ll also have a series of networking and social events throughout the Conference so you can meet and connect with other attendees.

This week we’re highlighting two panel discussions, moderated by Jé Hooper, that will center the experience of LGBTQ+ humanists of color and explore themes of unity, community, and opportunity. Jé is a humanist educator, artist and performer. They have earned a Masters of Arts in Theology with a concentration in Interfaith and Interreligious Engagement as well as a Masters of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Management.

In a Saturday session, “Coloring Outside the Lines,” Jé will lead a panel working to answer the question “What does hospitality look like for queer people of color in humanist circles?” The panel will discuss ways that local groups can invite LGBTQ+ humanists of color into a community that may not have seemed welcoming before and create new opportunities for participation.

On Sunday, Jé will moderate “Human Like Me,” a panel session exploring the tension of erasure that arises when we begin to normalize a variety of identities in humanist communities. The common theme of both panels—and throughout the Conference—is finding opportunities to pursue unity, kinship, and commonality.

You don’t want to miss out on these and other vibrant sessions that focus on a pan. Register for the Conference now.

See you there!