Ask A Humanist: A New Community-Driven Q&A Website for Humanists (and Fundamentalists, Too)

The American Humanist Association has launched, a new community-driven website where individuals can ask questions about humanism, and humanists themselves can respond. aims to serve as a resource for humanists and non-humanists interested or curious about humanism.

Bo Bennett, host of The Humanist Hour Podcast and the creator of, explained, “In the United States, the number of people identifying as non-religious has been rapidly growing. In the absence of a well-understood secular philosophy, many people in this non-religious group cling to their supernatural beliefs. will provide a range of views on humanism that will help others form their own secular philosophy, letting go of the supernatural and embracing reason.”

How is different? It’s not a place for back-and-forth debate, nor is it a traditional forum or discussion board. is modeled after the extremely popular “stack exchange” where questions are asked, expert individuals answer, and the best answers get voted up while the worst ones get voted down. While there is no “official” answer to any question, the process allows for the most accurate and accepted by the community to be the most prominently featured.

Some of the most common questions that have been asked of humanists include:

  • Are humanists different from atheists?
  • Can a humanist be spiritual?
  • Are there Republican humanists?
  • How do humanists find meaning without a belief in a god?

Ask or answer a question yourself at, and let us know what you think!