Fulfillment, Joy, and Exuberance Await at AHACON23

It’s time to gather in-person again for the first time in years! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Denver on May 5th – 7th for the American Humanist Association’s 82nd Annual Conference: Crossroads and Collective Futures.

We cannot wait to bring the humanist community back together in-person. After three years, we know humanists are yearning to create person-to-person connections again. For some of us, it will be the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that we’ll sit in a group-filled room, listening to live speakers, and engaging new people, but it’s all a part of the person-to-person bonding experience that many of us have missed.

So many experiences await you at AHACON23, but the path you take is up to you. Will you network? Catch up with old friends? Deepen your knowledge? Or maybe all three? Whatever you choose, AHACON23 will leave you with a sense of exhilaration, exuberance, fulfillment, and joy.

In keeping with our theme, AHACON23 will illuminate key areas where humanists can make a difference and provide open, safe, spaces for humanists to workshop, learn, share stories, and collaborate on a visionary future for humanism that builds bridges, not walls. You’ll attend sessions like:

  • Center for Freethought Equality’s Ron Millar and Colorado secular elected officials discussing the current landscape of secularism in politics,
  • Drew Bekius on identifying our humanist values as we move into the future,
  • Go Humanity’s Tiffany Ho highlighting the importance of secular service with a panel of grassroots humanist group leaders,
  • Academic, mentor, and former corrections officer Corey Clay examining the dehumanization of the black male form in the criminal justice system,
  • Humanist chaplains Kathleen Rudoff and Anthony Cruz Pantojas championing multi-faith engagement,
  • Glenn Branch of the National Center for Science Education on overcoming obstacles to climate change education,
  • Activist Dave Warnock of Dying Out Loud exploring ways to limit religious influence on end-of-life issues,
  • Secular Woman Stephanie Zvan responding to the question, “What Do You Mean Science is Racist?”
  • And much more!

In addition to the riveting sessions and breakout groups, we’ll have:

  • award banquets celebrating humanist achievements,
  • live entertainment and art experiences curated by the talented Jé Hooper,
  • a communal service project,
  • chances to network and connect,
  • opportunities for meditation and relaxation,
  • And much more

Registration is open now! Secure your ticket today to take advantage of the generous early-bird discounts available until April 2nd. And don’t forget—a 15% discount on registration is one of the benefits of being an AHA member. If you aren’t a member join today and get extra savings!

We can’t wait to see you in Denver!