Join Us at the Crossroads for AHACON2023

Let’s be real: the past several years have been A LOT. With a pandemic, racial reckoning, Insurrection and more, it’s clear that America is at a crossroads. It’s urgent, now more than ever, that the people of this country collectively acknowledge where our nation has been, and actively work to build a better future for all people. The same is also true for our humanist movement.

With a theme of Crossroads and Collective Futures, the American Humanist Association’s 82nd Annual Conference will illuminate key areas where humanists can make a difference and provide open, safe, spaces for humanists to workshop, learn, share stories, and collaborate on a visionary future for humanism that builds bridges, not walls. This conference will be different than what you’ve experienced before. Attendees will have the opportunity to create and share our own stories, listen to each other, and discover the possibilities of a future for our movement and world. And after three years of gathering together virtually, we are excited to host humanists in-person May 5-7th in Denver, Colorado!

So what can you expect to experience at AHACON23? This year’s themes will include:

  • DEI or systemic change: On the heels of racial reckoning “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” has become a billion-dollar industry. This programming will explore if DEI can or will produce the humanist value of a multicultural and multiracial society.
  • Care about Climate: In the last several years young people’s climate strikes have ushered the pending climate crisis to the fore of our zeitgeist. This programming will explore the mandates for humanists who care about climate during this time.
  • Antisemitism, Anti-Blackness, and State-Sanctioned Violence: Trump, Elon Musk, Kanye, and Nick Fuentes have reinvigorated anti-Semitic and anti-Black rhetoric online and in the news cycles…but these forms of xenophobia are ancient. This programming will explore the nuance of these violent intersections and where humanists fit into the solutions.
  • Power and the Possibility of Democracy: Some say Democracy is under threat, some say it has never truly existed. January 6th made clear that the peaceful transition of power is under attack. This programming will explore the multiple possibilities of democracy for humanists.
  • Post-activism: When protest no longer moves the needle: Inside of multiple overlapping social crises the power of protest can become diminished. This programming will explore humanist examples of constructive political strategies when “disrupt and demonstrate” no longer challenge power.
  • Future Body: Disability Justice, Health, and Body: Our bodies are a key part of who we are and how we navigate our world. This programming will make visible disability, chronic illness, and the complexities of health and wellness from a humanist point of view.

The urgency of now calls us to acknowledge where we’ve been, and where we’re going. If you’d like to present on any of these themes at the Conference, we welcome all proposals! Please submit yours here.

So save the date and join AHA leaders, activists, and community members in-person or online to build the future of humanism.

Registration will be opening soon. We hope to see you there!