Latinx Humanists Celebrate First Birthday!

One year ago today, the Latinx Humanist Alliance went public! The year since has been an incredible and fast-paced one both in and out of the LHA and the American Humanist Association (AHA).

The Latinx Humanist Alliance is the newest of the American Humanist Association’s social justice-focused affiliates, and it exists to pursue the mission of facilitating social justice activism among, expand the visibility of, and foster safe spaces for Latinx humanists.

One of the principal ways we’ve begun working on pursuing those goals is the creation of a speaker’s bureau that highlights and draws attention to Latinx humanists across the country. This is a first-of-its-kind initiative that will enable Latinx humanists to gain experience, build a strong public brand, and network with other humanists across the country. It also works to connect local individuals and groups with event and conference planners. To learn more about this project or even apply for the bureau, click here!

Another way we’re working to pursue the objectives outlined in our mission is to advise the AHA on issues related to Latinidad and topics of special interest to Latinx humanists. Ours are some of the voices helping to draft resolutions regarding topics of interest to the Latinx community, including those related to environmentalism, immigration, and inclusion.

In the year since the Latinx Humanist Alliance launched, attacks on the communities we represent have come from an ever-expanding variety of sources. That said, we are still committed to creating a better, safer, and more inclusive tomorrow. We hope to hear from you and collaborate with you! Here’s to an improved humanist future.

To connect with us and learn more about the Latinx Humanist Alliance, visit our website, give us a like on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.