MythBusters’ Adam Savage to Receive 2017 Humanist of the Year Award

The American Humanist Association is thrilled to announce that television personality, skeptic, and secular advocate Adam Savage will receive the 2017 Humanist of the Year Award at the American Humanist Association’s 76th Annual Conference June 8-11, 2017, in Charleston, South Carolina.

Savage is most famous for being the co-host of the popular Discovery Channel television series MythBusters. For fourteen seasons, Savage and his fellow mythbuster Jamie Hyneman used science and logic to debunk popular myths, such as whether a goldfish has only a three-second memory span (it doesn’t) or whether quicksand can pull people under to their death (it can’t).

Savage is well-respected in the humanist and skeptic communities. He’s presented at annual meetings of the James Randi Educational Foundation and received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism from the Humanist Chaplaincy at Harvard University (now the Humanist Hub) in 2010. In his speech, Savage stated, “I’m not only a humanist, I’m also an early adopter…while nobody’s going to take care of us, it’s incumbent upon us to take care of those around us. That’s community.”

Other awardees and notable speakers at this year’s conference include writer and feminist Susie Bright, former chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights Martin Castro, poet and performing artist Staceyann Chin, activist Johnetta Elzie, and actress Annabelle Gurwitch.

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