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There’s just a little more than one week left until the 81st Annual Conference of the American Humanist Association (AHA). The Conference—with a theme of Unity. Community. Opportunity—will be entirely virtual again this year, so you can join us from your very own home, or even set up a watch party with your friends, family, or local group.

When you attend, you’ll see two days of exciting sessions and performances, based around creating and exploring humanist unity, community, and opportunity. The main Conference sessions will be on Saturday, June 25th, and Sunday, June 26th, with a Kick-Off Social Gathering on the evening of Friday, June 24th. We’ll also have a series of networking and social events throughout the Conference so you can meet and connect with other attendees.

Today, we are announcing the addition of a new session on Saturday afternoon, Sentientism: Do We Have Ethical Obligations to Animals. Panelists Amy Halpern-Laff and Jamie Woodhouse examine the question “Do evidence, reason, and compassion—values underlying humanism—lead us to sentientism?” They’ll look at how we, as humans, have the capacity and the responsibility to reduce suffering and increase thriving of all sentient beings.

Halpern-Laff is a lifelong humanist and the co-executive director of Ethics in Education Network, which supports progressive, secular ethics at the core of K-12 education. She co-hosts the Ethical Schools podcast and is the policy director of Factory Farming Awareness Coalition, which educates communities about the devastating impacts of industrial animal agriculture on marginalized humans, animals other than humans, and the planet.

Woodhouse is working to develop sentientism as a worldview and as a global movement. He hosts the Sentientism podcast and YouTube channel and has published articles and presented academic seminars on the philosophy and its implications. He is building a range of global Sentientism communities (open to all) that so far span over 100 countries.

Don’t miss out on all our vibrant sessions that explore subjects including: electoral issues, fighting White Christian Nationalism, the experiences of LGBTQ+ humanists of color, building a humanist lifestyle, creating community through humanist chaplaincies, humanist service projects, and much more. Register for the Conference now.

See you there!