A.C. Grayling Trivia Contest

A. C. Grayling is scheduled to be the guest on the April episode of The Humanist Hour, the American Humanist Association’s monthly podcast. In conjunction with that interview, we are giving away two copies of Grayling’s new book, The God Argument, The Case Against Religion and For Humanism.

To enter the contest, send answers to the below questions to hnn@americanhumanist.org. Two winners will be randomly chosen from those who answer the questions correctly by Friday, April 12. Winners will be announced in the April 17 issue of Humanist Network News and on the podcast with A. C. Grayling scheduled to be posted on Wednesday, April 24 at TheHumanistHour.org.

Answers to the following questions can be found by visiting TheHumanistHour.org.

1)  What is the name of the local AHA affiliate group co-founded by AHA President Becky Hale?
2)  From what college did Gloria Steinem graduate from in 1956?
3)  How many years has the Clergy Project been operating?

Good luck!