A New Direction for Humanist Network News: A Message From the New Editor


For HumanistNetworkNews.org
Mar. 31, 2010

It's with great pleasure and gratitude that I introduce myself as the new editor of Humanist Network News. For the past several years I have worked at the American Humanist Association in its important effort to spread awareness and acceptance of humanism. Now in addition to my role as communications and policy director, I will be undertaking the editorial role of HNN, along with all the opportunities and challenges it has to offer.

My experience with Humanist Network News began last summer when the Institute for Humanist Studies and the AHA merged organizations. I assisted my predecessor, Ruth Gellar, with delivering the newsletter each week and contributed many articles for the publication.

I'm looking forward now to building on Ruth's great work, and I will continue to bring you many of the great features you've enjoyed from HNN over the years. I'm also looking forward to growing the newsletter by offering more articles and columns written from the humanist perspective. I also will place an emphasis on covering news from the humanist movement, including providing a look into the activities of many of the great organizations that further the nontheist and humanist causes, such as the American Humanist Association.

But in order to forge a new direction for the newsletter, I need the help of all of HNN's readers. I would love to hear about your thoughts about Humanist Network News and learn in what direction you would like to see the newsletter go. What features of HNN do you look forward to every week? In what ways do you think the newsletter could be improved? What added features would you like to see?

As I ease into the editorial chair of HNN, I'm excited to build a great relationship with you, HNN's loyal readers, to bring in new readership and grow the newsletter and to bring Humanist Network News into a new chapter of its history.

Karen Frantz
March 2010