AHA Unveils New Website for Humanist Celebrants

After much anticipation, the Humanist Society is upgrading their website!

The Humanist Society, an adjunct of the American Humanist Association, applies humanism to daily life through a unique celebrant program, education, and community involvement. Humanist Celebrants conduct humanist, secular, nonreligious, nontheistic, and interreligious weddings, memorials, baby-naming, and other lifecycle ceremonies.

The Humanist Society’s website at www.humanist-society.org is now a more engaging and user-friendly website to help you find that special humanist celebrant to prepare and plan out the perfect ceremonies for life’s rites of passage: weddings, births, vow renewals, and more. We’ve even expanded the website to include news, easier-to-use forms, and a testimonial page where you can give us feedback about your celebrant experience. And we’ve expanded our “Resources for Celebrants” page to include sample wedding vows, memorial services, and invocations to help inspire you.

But we need your help! If you are a Humanist Celebrant and you have pictures, words, or thoughts about your Humanist Society celebrant experience, send it to Eric Nguyen, Humanist Society coordinator, at enguyen@humanist-society.org or fill out the form online under “Leave a Testimonial.” Your kind words and reviews may be featured on the website!

Haven’t used the services of our celebrants yet? Use our simple search feature to find a Celebrant nearest to you. Interested in becoming a Humanist Celebrant? Learn more about how to apply here.

Humanist Celebrants provide a much-needed service for our growing humanist and nontheist community. We encourage you to visit www.humanist-society.org often and consider joining our growing list of Celebrants across the country.

Eric Nguyen is the field coordinator for the American Humanist Association.