AHA’s Nice List: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg

According to AM New York, February 12 was the last day religious groups could continue holding services in New York City public schools:

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday the city will begin enforcing a 2011 ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals that found the city has the right to prohibit religious worship in schools.
The mayor cited the separation of church and state — and the possibility that one religion could be favored over another — for why the city is barring worship in public buildings.
“Someday the religion that the state picks as the ‘state religion’ might not be yours,” Bloomberg said in his weekly radio address. “The way to solve that is to not have a state religion.”

However, some state lawmakers are planning to overturn the ban by legislation.



AHA’s Naughty List: Actor Denzel Washington

Actor Denzel Washington, best known for his roles in Glory, Training Day, and American Gangster, was recently on the TODAY Show promoting his new film, “Safe House,” and discussed researching sociopaths in order to prepare for the role. He suggests that atheism is a common characteristic of being a sociopath:

“I read this book called ‘The Sociopath Next Door,’ and that was like my Bible, that I related to,” he told TODAY’s Matt Lauer. “The traits of a sociopath: No conscience, no sense of remorse, usually atheist, just always want to win, dominate…. He’s about to get waterboarded and he’s telling the guy he brought the wrong towels. He’s still trying to win.”