AHA’s Nice List: Teresa MacBain

Local news outlet WCTV reports that local minister Teresa MacBain of Lake Jackson United Methodist Church in Tallahassee has left her leadership post and is now an atheist. MacBain made the announcement a day later in a speech at the American Atheist Convention held in Bethesda, Maryland on March 26. According to the WCTV report, church members met yesterday to discuss leadership plans in her absence. Watch Teresa’s speech below.

AHA’s Naughty List: Jeremy Lin

New York Knicks basketball player Jeremy Lin, who became an overnight sensation after scoring 25 points in one game, is known for his outspoken evangelical faith. Recently, Lin underwent knee surgery, after which he posted the following on his Twitter page:

NBC Sports writer Rick Chandler rightly criticizes the obvious problem with Lin’s praise:

I guess 140 characters isn’t enough to thank your doctors, who will never get another chance to be included in a Jeremy Lin tweet. But you go ahead and make sure to get God’s name in there, who’s already been named in just about every other tweet and audible sentence you’ve made over the past three months. By the way, are we also thanking the Lord for that delicious-looking cafeteria sandwich on your hospital tray? And for the fruit cup?