Celebrate National Day of Reason on May 2

With faith-based initiatives giving preferential treatment to religious organizations, and strengthened attempts to introduce creationism in public school science classrooms, there has never been a better time in which humanists, atheists and freethinkers should affirm our commitment to the Constitutional separation of religion and government, and to celebrate reason as the guiding principle of our secular democracy.

As in previous years, this year’s National Day of Reason is scheduled to coincide with the Congressionally-mandated and federally-supported National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 2, 2013. The American Humanist Association encourages all who value the separation of religion and government to join us in commemorating the Day of Reason, and in building awareness for this important cause.

What can you do to demonstrate your support for a Day of Reason?

  • Plan a special event to commemorate the NDR, such as a protest demonstration, special lecture, or social gathering
  • Lobby for a Day of Reason proclaimed by your state or local government
  • Hold a press conference for your local media to promote respect for the separation of religion and government, and to draw attention to the many breaches of that principle during recent months
  • Organize a letter-writing campaign urging your elected officials to support the separation of religion and government

Visit http://www.nationaldayofreason.org to sign-up as an endorser, view planned events, or read some of the media coverage from previous years.

Let us know about your plans to commemorate the National Day of Reason by emailing AHA Communications Associate Brian Magee at bmagee@americanhumanist.org, or post your photos and ideas on the AHA’s Facebook page or National Day of Reason’s Facebook page.