Humanism on the Move


June 02, 2010

The AHA Holds its 69th Annual Conference in San Jose

The American Humanist Association will be holding its 69th Annual Conference in San Jose, California June 4-6, 2010. The AHA will be awarding scientist and educator Billy Nye the 2010 Humanist of the Year award, and a prestigious roster of humanist luminaries will also be honored. Events will include break-out sessions discussing the humanist perspective as it pertains to an array of current issues, as well as a plenary lead by Greg Epstein, Harvard Humanist Champlain and acclaimed author of Good Without God. Entertainment will include performances by Brian Keith Dalton, Jim Corbett, Jamy Ian Swiss, and Ken Taylor and John Perry.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation Rejects Atheist License Plate, Changes Mind, Accepts Atheist License Plate

After receiving a letter of complaint from the Appignani Humanist Legal Center, legal arm of the American Humanist Association, the North Dakota Department of Transportation allowed a license plate reading "ISNOGOD" to be issued. The AHLC had sent the letter after learning that Brian Magee's application for the vanity plate had been rejected, even though NDDOT had in the past approved religiously-themed vanity plates.

Of the decision, staff attorney Bob Ritter said, "Because other plates that carried a religious message were approved by NDDOT, Mr. Magee had a right to express his viewpoint as well."

Center For Inquiry to Close Office Buildings, Will Be Continuing Programs

The Center For Inquiry has announced that as a result of a budget gap, office buildings in Tampa and Washington D.C. will be shut down, although programs will be continuing. CFI hopes to eventually re-open office buildings with enough donor support. To make a donation, click here.