Humanism on the Move


July 07, 2010

Atheist To Create iPhone App for Humanists

Jason Hagen, creator of the Atheist Pocket Debater iPhone application, will create a similar app for the American Humanist Association. The Atheist Pocket Debater, which cites a multitude of texts and facts in the defense of nontheists, was created after Hagen found the market flooded with Christian applications providing arguments to challenge non-believers.

"I know what people go through, growing up in the culture I grew up in," Hagen told the New York Times. "So I tried to give people the tools they need to defend themselves, but at the same time not ridicule anybody.

American Atheists Protest Iranian Stoning Policy

The American Atheists have spoken out against the controversial Iranian practice of stoning. A form of corporal punishment in which the convicted is buried to the waste or chest, bound and pelted with stones until pronounced dead, stoning is commonly used against women accused of adultery. This inhumane sentence was most recently handed down to a Tabriz woman accused and then acquitted of murdering her husband. 

"This illustrates the raw, uncivilized barbarism that can come from allowing theocrats to control a society," said Dr. Ed Buckner, President of the American Atheists. "That stoning this woman to death is even a possibility is outrageous, and every decent human being, religious–any religion–or Atheist, should vigorously object."

American Atheists President Ed Buckner Retires

President of the American Atheists Ed Buckner has announced his retirement. Buckner, who plans to depart in September, served as the American Atheists president for two years. 

"I am grateful to the board and the members for an interesting job and for the great honor of leading the premier secular and Atheist organization in the world," Buckner was quoted in the organization's announcement. "I will, I promise, work hard for the benefit of American Atheists in whatever time remains before I retire as president and will support the organization thereafter."

Nontheist Charity Raises Over $20,000

Foundation Beyond Belief, a non-profit atheist and humanist charity organization, has announced its second quarter contributions to total over $22,000. Beneficiary groups included Haitian Health Foundation, Circle of Women, ActionAid International USA and National Center for Science Education. 

Secular Student Alliance Recognizes Awardees

The Secular Student Alliance has announced its 2010 award winners. The Alliance of Happy Atheists (University of Oregon), Macquarie University Atheist League (Australia), SHIFT (University of Utah) and the Society of Nontheists (Purdue University) were all recognized for their work in the nontheist movement. The University of Northern Iowa Freethinkers and Inquirers was awarded the top honor, Affiliate of the Year. Recipients were given a plaque and a substantial monetary prize.