Humanism on the Move


July 21, 2010

Constance McMillen's School to Pay Damages and Instate Anti-Discrimination Policy

Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teen whose high school cancelled prom rather than allow her to attend with her girlfriend, has been awarded $35,000 in damages, says the ACLU. The Fulton Mississippi School Board responsible for the civil rights violation has also been ordered to adopt a sexual orientation anti-discrimination policy.   

"We're in a conservative area of the country, where people tend to think we can do what we like," lead ACLU counsel Christine Sun told CNN. "This case sends a strong message that that's not going to fly anymore."

The European Union to Hold Summit with Atheists and Freemasons

Brussels will hold an EU summit with atheists and freemasons this October, opening a political dialogue similar to the annual summit held with Europe's religious leaders. Belgium, which financially supports both churches and humanist organizations, was the driving force behind the move.