Humanism on the Move


Nov. 20, 2010

Louisiana Textbook Council Rules in Favor of Science-Based Textbooks

The Louisiana Family Forum, a religious right organization, recently protested the new Louisiana science text books on the basis of the credibility given to Darwin’s theory of evolution. After hearing the group’s concerns, the state’s Textbook/Media/Library Advisory Council voted in favor of the textbook’s content in an 8-4 decision, noting that fundamentalist concepts should not interfere with science curriculum.

“There is no major research university in this country that teaches intelligent design or anything like that. It is simply not science,” the dean of the Louisiana State University College of Science, Kevin Carman, told the Associated Press. “We need our textbooks to be focused on what is scientifically accurate and not religion.”

Palm Pilot Creators Make $500,000 Secular Coalition for America Matching Offer

Jeff Hawkins and Janet Strauss, creators of the Palm Pilot, have made a $500,000 matching offer to the Secular Coalition for America towards their lobbying and outreach efforts. 

 “Our government was founded on the principles of separation of church and state,” said Hawkins. “It is vital to protect those principles for the benefit of all Americans.” 

“We’re excited about the first challenge grant and the opportunity to expand our lobbying and coalition-building efforts,” said Secular Coalition for America President Herb Silverman. “This is a true leadership gift, one we hope will be followed by others. This challenge grant gives people an opportunity to double their contribution to our movement.”

The Freedom from Religion Foundation v. Hanover School District Struck Down in Federal Appeals Court

Atheist activist Michael Newdow’s recent federal appeal to deem the Pledge of Allegiance’s words “under God” unconstitutional was struck down by the Boston federal appeals court

“The opinion, authored by Chief Judge Sandra Lynch, rejected Dr. Newdow’s arguments that the inclusion of the words ‘under God’ endorsed religion or coerced children into saying the Pledge,” cited Spero News.  “Noting that it is illegal to force any child to say the Pledge involuntarily, the Court held that the context and purpose of Pledge recitation make it clear that it is not a religious ceremony.