Humanist Charities: Over $30,000 Raised for Rebecca Vitsmun

In the wake of the devastating Oklahoma City-area tornado last month, Humanist Charities set out to raise money for all those affected — including one brave and remarkable woman. In a live interview on CNN, Wolf Blitzer spoke to Rebecca Vitsmun about her decision to leave Moore, OK at the last-minute to avoid the tornado that ultimately destroyed her own home.

Blitzer asked, “You’ve gotta thank the Lord, right?” Carrying her baby in her arms, Rebecca replied, “I’m actually an atheist.”

Rebecca didn’t let Wolf Blitzer assume she “thanked the Lord,” even though it would have been easier to do, and in so doing showed that you can be good without a god.

Humanist Charities set up a special fund for Rebecca, and we are thrilled to announce that through your generous donations, we’ve raised over $30,000.

Responses from humanists across the country were as heartfelt as they were plentiful — check out some inspiring words from those who donated:

“From an atheist in a foxhole, this innocuous and simple truth being spoken on national television   helps break the stereotype that we all run to a faith during life threatening events.”

“Thank you for speaking up! It might seem small to you, but it’s huge to all of us fellow atheists      out here.”

“To face natural disaster and maintain the presence of mind to sustain integrity at the same time–     awesome. We’re honored to share your planet and offer some of the resources that we’ve been privileged to earn … Thank you Rebecca.”

“Hands that help are better by far than lips which pray. Thanks for lending a hand in this time of disaster!”

Those affected by this horrific disaster still need your help. Visit to donate to our continued relief efforts for those rebuilding their lives in Oklahoma.