Humanist Network News Podcast #43: AAI ’09 Darwin’s Legacy Convention + The Atheist Camel
[October 28, 2009]

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In this month's audio podcast, Jende attends the Atheist Alliance International Convention in Burbank, CA, and hears from an assorted number of conference attendees who make up our movement. Listen in as he talks with an Objectivist-influenced rock band, a leader from a Ethical Culture Society, the founder of a freethought film festival, an Arab atheist, and a Pilates instructor–all who came together in California to take part in AAI's annual conference. Also, Jes interviews one of the founders of Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, a post-rapture pet rescue program run by atheists.


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Ethical Society of St. Louis:
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Galt Aureus (website):
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Arrogant Atheist (fashion):

Arab Atheist Network (website):
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"Overture of Legion" by Galt Aureus
"Pet" by SIRSY
"Eight" by Galt Aureus

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