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Sept. 30, 2009

More Musicians Embrace Godlessness

Musicians from different genres are beginning to embrace atheism and their lyrics are reflecting it!  Now, if only we could get Beyonce to sing about it, we'd be in business…

Statue of Ganesh Offends Visitors at Calgary Zoo

A statue of the Hindu god Ganesh can be found at the Calgary Zoo.  Zoo officials claim it's not a religious icon, just a cultural one – donated to them.  But that isn't stopping one Christian from fighting back against it.

Muslims Conduct a Day of Prayer in Washington

Speaking of Christians getting angry… guess what happened when thousands of Muslims conducted a day of prayer in Washington D.C.?   Hint: It involves protests and proselytizing.

The Will with the Jew-Only Clause

A Jewish grandfather in Illinois wrote a will years ago saying his grandchildren could only receive their inheritance money if they married Jewish people.  Can he do that? The Illinois Supreme Court ruled on the case this past week.



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