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Nov. 11, 2009

Rooftop Religion

Atheists have done billboards and bus ads. We need to move on to… rooftops.

Fingerprints are the Mark of the Beast, Says Kindergarten Teacher

A teacher in Texas refuses to give police her fingerprints as part of a customary background check… because she believes fingerprints are the mark of the devil.  I'm afraid to tell her she has had them her entire life!

An Argument in Defense of the Serial Comma

For all you English majors out there, here's a terrific reason to use a serial (or Oxford) comma.

LAPD Cuts Ties with Boy Scouts Because of Their Bigotry

The Los Angeles Police Department has cut ties with the Boy Scouts of America because of their discriminatory practices against gays and atheists!  Good for the LAPD I say, for taking a stand.  The public schools would be right to follow suit.



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