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June 17, 2009

Books about gay people: burn them!

A conservative Christian group found out that a Young Adult book was tolerant of homosexuality. Now, they want the book moved to the adult section. Meanwhile, an even more conservative Christian group (does Jesus loves them more?) thinks that's too lenient and wants the book publicly burned. Thankfully, the library isn't budging.

Dwight Howard and God make the Magic lose in the NBA Finals

Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic before the NBA Finals: My team's going to win the Finals because of God! Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic after the NBA Finals (which his team lost four games to one)… nothing.

Why won't any journalist ask him why God isn't on his side?

The Police Officer's Prayer

Why is a Police Officer's Prayer popping up on local government sites all over the place? It's not even generic religion; it's strictly Christian.

Would that be olive, canola or peanut oil?

Judge Sonia Sotomayor may now be officially considered for the Supreme Court. A Christian group has used special oil to bless the door of the room in which her confirmation hearing "may" be held. Anyone else feeling a bit of unease about security on Capitol Hill?

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