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July 15, 2009

Jesus at the soccer game

And you thought some American athletes were too religious?  Brazilian soccer players Kaka and Lucio wore shirts reading "I belong to Jesus" during last month's Confederations Cup.  They received a warning letter.  I'm sure they're shaking in their cups.


Irish blasphemy law passes, with some big loopholes

A blasphemy law has passed in Ireland.  Which means no one can ever say anything about religion ever again.  Unless it has artistic merit.  Or it's part of theological debate.  Which means everyone and no one will ever be convicted of anything.


Bill O'Reilly tells another fib

Bill O'Reilly says that the Air Force should have flown over the God and Country Festival in Idaho last week because there was "no specific religion at play." 

However, according to the director of the festival, "… it's about as Christian as you can get – we believe in promoting Christianity… And we have no plans to change that."  

I'm waiting for O'Reilly's apology for his mistake.  Nothing yet.


Communion etiquette

Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper was given a communion wafer at a recent funeral. He put it in his pocket.  That's when the uproar began.

I'm not sure what he could've done. Either he publicly shuns the wafer because he's not Catholic – and Catholics would've been offended.  Or he takes it and eats it – and because he's not Catholic, Catholics would've been offended.

Or he takes it and pockets it in order to not cause a scene. Which he did. And now Catholics are offended.

Damned if you do… damned if you don't.


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