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Aug. 5, 2009

Which college majors make you less religious?

Which college majors decrease your religiosity?  The results of a study from the University of Michigan may surprise you.  Biology?  Not on the list…


Atheist  billboard considered too offensive, but female "Play Bunnys" are good to go

Lamar Advertising in Alabama recently refused to put up a billboard reading "Imagine No Religion" on the grounds that it was "too offensive" and that it would alienate the heavily Christian population.

So I'm a bit puzzled as to a billboard the same company put up in Texas… there are different regional managers, of course, but one would think there's a corporate standard to uphold across the board.

Indiana atheist appears on Fox show to debate pastor over bus campaign

I didn't think the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign's ad reading "You Can Be Good Without God" was all that offensive.  But when atheist Eoban Binder appeared alongside a pastor on FOX & friends to discuss the ad, the pastor complained that the phrase was an "outright attack on Christianity."

Host Steve Doocy's comments make even less sense.



Christian convenience store receiving tax payer money in Illinois

Why is a Christian marketplace in Chicago receiving $1,000,000 of taxpayer funds?  Atheist Rob Sherman visited the store (it was indefinitely closed) and spoke to its owner to find out.

By the end of the piece, I'm left with even more questions and a very uneasy feeling about Illinois politics (like that's a shocker to anyone).


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