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August 19, 2009

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Global Warming

(Re: Two Degrees of Separation, Humanist Network News, Aug. 12, 2009.)

Environmental issues are one major area that free thinkers can beat the religious at the "moral" game.

Religions get their followers to focus upward toward an imaginary heaven and therefore don't take seriously the problems here and now on this planet. Earthly ills will either be taken care of by their god or they are preordained as a way of bringing about the promised "Armageddon".

The non-religious see environmental problems as the threat they actually are and fully understand the morality of preserving the planet for future generations of both the human and non-human species. We are not constrained by religious ideas against family planning and do not place one species, ours, at the center of the universe. We have a better understanding that we are fully responsible for the messes we make and only we can clean them up.

We need to take advantage of this strength and get more involved in the environmental movement.

–Jack M. Pedigo, Seattle, Wash.


Separation, the Human Way

(Re: Two Degrees of Separation, Humanist Network News, Aug. 12, 2009.)

Keep "Earth's climate within the range we have evolved to live in"? Like the one in Canada's winter? How about the one in the Sahara desert? Humans ADAPT — it's the human way; it's how we evolved to survive.

Once again I have to ask: should those of us who do not support the Al Gore doctrine be excluded from that group Doug Thomas calls "we humanists"?

–Robert Henry, St. Catherine, Jamaica