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Nov. 4, 2009

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Disrespecting Christians

(Re: Ask Richard: Struggling with an Impulse to Disrespect Christians, Humanist Network News, Oct. 21, 2009.)

What is it with that that type of "Christian" who follows such good responses as those you suggested with an emotional outcry that your very inquiries show "disrespect," and who then labels you as a bigot anyway?

It is the type who demands instant acceptance, no questions allowed if he or she says "I believe the Bible is the greatest book ever written." This ploy, which I have encountered often, implies that any question, however civil and sincere, is an "attack."  Usually, they then go to their own blogosphere and report it.

It seems important to some Christians to appear "martyrs for Christ".

–Bette Chambers, Lacey, Wash.



Atheist Writers Still In Denial?

(Re: Why Agnosticism?, Humanist Network News, Oct. 14, 2009.)

I've just read Doug Thomas' piece "Why Agnosticism?" I'm used to hearing religionists misrepresent what agnosticism is in this way, but I'm disappointed to have to read such incorrect information in a humanist publication.

Gnostic and agnostic are modifiers for theism and atheism. One either believes in gods or not. Only after that is a modifier, like agnostic, of any use. Agnosticism is not some "middle ground".

That so many atheists are still afraid to admit they are atheists demonstrates how much further we still have to go. The numbers of self-identifying atheists would double overnight if people just ended their own inner denial. Even those outside the Christian community appear constrained by the shame that the various churches teach!

–Drew Shaw, Duncan, B.C., Canada.