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Dec. 2, 2009

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Praise for podcast

(Re: Humanist Network News Podcast #44: HumanLight, Nov. 25, 2009.)

Hi guys. I recently started listening to your podcast and am thoroughly enjoying it. You guys produce a high quality show, without all the worthless babbling that most podcasts contain. Jennifer Bardi, in particular, has a very professional speaking voice.  You ought to feature her more often.

Thanks. And keep up the great work. Positive shows like yours are sorely needed in the humanist/atheist community.

–Dan Delaney, Louisville, Ky.

Insulting to Buddhists?

(Re: Cathartic Comics, Humanist Network News, Nov. 18, 2009.)

Is the purpose of Jeff Swenson's Freethunk comic of the angry driving Buddha to insult and drive away Buddhists who might otherwise consider humanists their friends and allies? Most Buddhists I know are hardly distinguishable from humanists.

I've never seen or heard of any story of Buddha or his followers behaving as depicted in the cartoon. It seems a completely gratuitous provocation and unworthy of HNN.

–Paul Rolig, Boise, Idaho,

(Editor's Note:  I think that no insult to Buddha or Buddhism was intended by Jeff Swenson's comic of Buddha exhibiting some road rage while behind the wheel on a busy freeway.  Rather, to me, it humorously illustrates how driving on our crowded highways can test the patience of even the most highly-evolved of us.)