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Apr. 7, 2010

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Readers Submit Their Ideas for a New Direction

(Re: A New Direction for Humanist Network News, Humanist Network News, Mar. 31, 2010.)

If Humanists are to grow stronger and not just bigger, we need to show our true colors and make a real commitment to reducing the unnecessary suffering caused by war, unbridled capitalism, religion and nationalism. HNN needs to be unafraid to take a stand on progressive social issues like peace, justice, corporate corruption, poverty and pollution.

The greatest idea ever conceived is the thought that we are all in the same boat because we are all the same. In an age of extreme polarization we must lessen divisive trends and encourage unity.

–Bill Reitter, Glassboro, NJ


Why take HNN on a new direction? The newsletter and layout and design and HNN's content are fine. Why bust your own balls? That's what my grandfather would have said.

I don't know, why fix something that isn't broken?

–Rick Calissi, Dingmans Ferry, PA


What is "Faith"?

(Re: What Should Pastors Do When They Don't Believe What They Preach? Humanist Network News, Mar. 31, 2010.)

I read with interest the article by Hemant Mehta on preachers who have lost their faith. One problem is what is "faith"? This problem has been extant in the Church of England for many years, and the Sea of Faith Network (www.sofn.org.uk) for "exploring and promoting religious faith as a human creation" has been set up for clergy and others addressing this issue.

–John Catt, Loughbrough, England