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July 8, 2009

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Humanist Outreach in Spanish

(Re: The Latino Invasion ,  Letters to the Editor, Humanist Network News,  July 1, 2009.)

Carlos Diaz asks: When are you going to start activities in Spanish?

Perhaps he is unaware that a Spanish-speaking AHA Chapter, Humanist Center, flourished here, consisting mostly of expatriate Argentineans. The chapter closed when democracy returned to their country and most members went home. During its seven years of existence, Humanist Center was very active in human rights and probably did more practical service than has ever been seen in organized humanism, especially in support of family values.

The humanists in San Diego annually honor Benito Juarez, who brought separation of church and state to Mexico, with a ceremony at his statue on his birthday.

On October 16, the Mexican Consulate will join with the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego to honor Humanist Octavio Paz, Nobel Prize winner, with a reading of his poems in Spanish and English.

With the help of AHA, we got Humanist Manifesto Three translated into Spanish, and usually distribute El Humanismo y Sus Aspiraciones at all meetings.

Francis Mortyn, San Diego, Calif. Organization: Humanist Fellowship of San Diego


Tax dollars should not support religion

I heard that PBS would no longer do any religious programming.  CSPAN should follow since both are tax payer funded.

Religious programming can be special programming with extra money like sports or a movie, etc. They have their own networks. Some are richer than any corporation in America. They can afford it.

I don't approve of some of these religious groups why should I contribute to their coffers? Most, but not all, want a theocracy over a democracy.

The most powerful ones today want to even run their own candidates for public office even though they have tax free funding. They should lose their tax free status since they have abused it becoming powerful and trying to control government for their own agenda.

I would rather lose my clergy or religious building than my freedoms. I can always worship my God anywhere.

Judith Stevens, Lake Zurich, Ill.


Clarifying the discussion

in my many years of inquiry with theists, agnostics, atheists and all in between, I have come to realize that what works for me, may not work as well for others. So when others ask me whether I believe in God, soul , eternal after life,etc., I have learned to be as accurate as I can be . I always preface my answer with, "For me, there is no  etc."

This is to clarify the fact that I don't include anyone else in my beliefs, since I can't prove empirically to them that religious dogma  exist or not. Theists can't do this, because what good is believing in God and eternal Oz if everyone else isn't affected and effected by their illusion of a grand magician and company?

This is why said theists are delusional.  They must include everyone or what power would their God be good for?

Therefore I believe that everyone preface their philosophical-religious beliefs as" For me, there is-isn't etc.". and if "everybody" is included, state that, too. It would clarify a lot of things said and unsaid.


Billy Brakatselos,  Ajo,  Ariz.

Any cartoon artists care to take this on?

Suggestion for a cartoon caption for some irreverent but talented cartoonist:

The scene is in a cave somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East circa 1300 B.C.  A hirsute scribe, long in the tooth and in tattered attire, is quilling  the disclaimer in ancient calligraphy for the opening page of the Bible:

"The tales, claims, and opinions in this book do not necessarily represent the views of the authors, translators, or publishers; and all portions of this book may be reproduced, translated, altered, and embellished ad libitum without permission of the authors."

Ronald Palmatier,  Seattle, Wash.