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August 5, 2009

HNN Readers React

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(Re: Letters to the Editor,   Humanist Network News, July 29, 2009.)

Changes in the website links


I'm so glad someone addressed the mild annoyance of not being able to access the website in order to see all the articles at once. I thought it was your new method and since I'm used to most companies and stores changing whatever it was that I liked to something I don't like, I just muttered under my breath and put up with it.

Thank you so much for the explanation.

Peggy Pianalto , Tulsa, Okla.


(Re: Letters to the Editor,  Humanist Network News, July 29, 2009.)

Last word on the topic

Hello AHA and Billy Brakatselos;

Your last letter differs substantially from what you wrote in your original letter, and your Napoleonic quotes and Superman/God analogies are not related to my original comments, so I have no comment on them.

Your original point was that atheists should preface all their religious opinions with "in my opinion", or some such disclaimer. My comment was that this was not only unnecessary (a person stating an opinion is assumed to be stating their own opinion unless they state otherwise. It was, in the context of religious debate, merely the perpetuation of unearned deference, which ultimately serves the religious agenda and handicaps atheism and humanism.

Feel free to disagree with this point.

That I call my behavior "not grovelling" and you call it "waving my flag" proves my point:  too many atheists still accord religious faith the freedom from criticism that religious authorities imposed upon society for millennia.

Drew Shaw, Duncan, B.C., Canada