Those of you who have been members of the American Humanist Association for many years know about the organization’s rich history and association with prominent leaders and thinkers of the day. I was pleased to share with you our first major discovery in the AHA’s archives—the original audio recording of Kurt Vonnegut’s Humanist of the Year acceptance speech in 1992. I finally made a second trip to the archives last week and discovered even more tapes of past awardees—and we can’t wait to share them with you in future issues in our “From the AHA Archives” series (this week’s issue features a 1996 speech by prominent author and scientist Richard Dawkins).

For those of you new to the American Humanist Association and Humanist Network News (most likely from the Reason Rally), welcome! HNN is your weekly dose of news on politics, philosophy and culture from a humanist perspective (and yes, we publish comics, poems, and puzzles too!). Let us know what you’d like to see in future issues by writing to or posting ideas on the AHA’s Facebook or Twitter.

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN