MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: A New PAC for Humanists and Atheists

This morning I spoke at the National Press Club in Washington DC to help announce the launch of the Freethought Equality Fund, a new political action committee (PAC) dedicated to funding humanist, atheist and non-religious candidates for public office, along with candidates that support nontheist equality. I was thrilled to answer questions from reporters in the room from the Huffington Post, NPR, National Journal, Religion News Service, AP and others who recognize how far the secular movement has come in our political advocacy. As I said in my speech, it’s time for elected officials who are “closeted” about their non-belief to “come out” and represent the growing demographic of “nones” who support church/state separation and equality for nonbelievers. Learn more about the Freethought Equality Fund here.

Maggie Ardiente
HNN Editor