MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: April Fools, Sounds Likes Humanism, and More on Facebook

If you’re not already a follower of the American Humanist Association’s Facebook page, you’re truly missing out. Some fell for our April Fool’s Day announcement that Mike Huckabee (wearing a Happy Humanist pin and all) is the new honorary president of the AHA. Many praised our latest “Sounds Like Humanism” featuring a great quote by 2013 Humanist of the Year Dan Savage: “I think the best thing for you to do is just live your life. Live a life that’s worth living, one where you do what you want to do, pursue your passions.” And our members and supporters see up-to-the-second news about our atheist lawsuits, lobbying and advocacy, new local chapters, and much more.

Facebook and other social media sites are changing how we consume information, and nonprofits are keeping up with the rapidly moving culture shift. And you can use your Facebook page to share one or all of the great articles in this week’s HNN with your Facebook friends!

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN