MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Remembering Humanist Rights on World Humanist Day

This Friday, June 21, international freethought organizations around the world will be celebrating World Humanist Day, an annual event celebrating the global humanist movement. World Humanist Day originated with the American Humanist Association and the International Humanist and Ethical Union, whose leaders decided to promote humanism in conjunction with the summer solstice. Humanists can use this significant date as a time to educate the public about humanism and to gather as a community that celebrates progressive values. Find out if your local humanist chapter is holding a World Humanist Day event and join in the fun.

Next week, I will represent the American Humanist Association on Capitol Hill as part of a panel discussion on the status of religious freedom internationally. Despite what Governor Rick Perry would tell you, freedom of religion also means freedom from religion, and AHA is joining other organizations in the international religious community to defend humanist and atheist rights. In honor of World Humanist Day, I hope you will consider becoming a member or donating to support the American Humanist Association’s important work on behalf of millions of nonbelievers everywhere.  

Maggie Ardiente
HNN Editor