MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: The Next Great Humanist Debate

The overwhelming response to last week’s HNN debate on pornography was fantastic. I say that, even  despite some negative reactions, because it reminds me of how diverse and passionate humanists are when it comes to issues that matter. We’ve already decided on the big issues—church and state should be separate, women should have full reproductive access, gay marriage should be recognized in all 50 states—and your American Humanist Association continues to work tirelessly to achieve these goals. It’s great that we humanists agree—but where do we disagree? Do all humanists support gun control? Can a humanist support the death penalty? Where are the libertarian humanists? I want to hear from you!

You’ve seen how humanists can be divided on animal rights and pornography. What are the other issues where humanists are split almost 50/50? Tell us what you’d like to see in the next “Humanist Debate” at or send us a message via Facebook or Twitter. We may feature your idea (or even your written article) in the next issue of HNN.

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN