MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: This Message is Not About the Royal Baby

I’ve written previously about the value of Twitter in connecting with likeminded freethinkers to grow humanism online (interestingly enough, I currently have 666 followers). Lately I’ve been paying a lot more attention to Tumblr—a simple blogging platform driven largely by visual images—and its impact on the social media landscape. I’ve learned that Tumblr showcases creativity and builds community like no other program, and its user base is growing rapidly.

That’s why, after feeling inspired by the recent “I Need Feminism” campaign, where hundreds of women and men shared why feminism is important to them via a written message and quick photo of themselves, we at the American Humanist Association are encouraging you to participate in our “I’m a Humanist Because…” campaign. Write down why you’re a humanist, snap a photo, and upload it on the AHA’s Tumblr page, or email it to us at Learn more about the campaign in this issue and see pictures of some of the AHA staff (including me). We’re proud to be humanists, and we hope you are too!

Maggie Ardiente
HNN Editor