Confession: I’ve only watched two episodes of Star Trek in my entire life (one of which was the very humanistic Who Watches the Watchers). For some freethinkers, this is blasphemy! After all, Gene Roddenberry received the Humanist Arts Award in 1991, AHA board member Susan Sackett was a longtime assistant and writer on Star Trek, and the show was well known for its promotion of reason over superstition.

Now that actor and activist George Takei (for all you non-Trekkies like me, he played Sulu in the original series) will be receiving the LGBT Humanist Pride Award at next year’s AHA Conference in New Orleans, I better catch up on my Star Trek! What’s your favorite episode? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll publish the Top Ten Star Trek Episodes in next week’s issue based on your suggestions.

Maggie Ardiente

Editor, HNN