MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Why Are You A Humanist? Tell Us on Tumblr

I’ll admit it: I didn’t understand Tumblr at all, until an AHA staffer suggested the brilliant “I’m a Humanist Because” Campaign as a way to get members interested in the AHA’s Tumblr page. I introduced the campaign in the last issue of Humanist Network News, but since then over 50 people have submitted their own photos with a handwritten “I’m a Humanist Because” message, and with such creativity and compassion! Take a look at

It’s easier than you think to participate in our ‘I’m a Humanist Because’ Campaign. Write down why you’re a humanist. Take a photo of yourself (ideally with your cell phone’s camera). Upload it here or email it to That’s it! It’s a fun way to share your humanism with the world (and you can probably draw better than I can). Don’t forget to share the campaign with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers!

Maggie Ardiente
HNN Editor