MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR: Why Atheist Discrimination Matters

It’s starting to get scary out there for nonbelievers. Mainstream media is taking note of atheist bloggers who have been arrested—one was even killed—in  Bangladesh for the “crime” of blasphemy against Islam (the American Humanist Association is asking all members to write to the country’s U.S. Ambassador). Shipping boxes labeled “atheist” sent through the United States Postal Service apparently take longer to arrive to your home. And I just read yesterday about Camp Quest Oklahoma which tried partnering with a local restaurant to raise funds to send kids to its excellent summer camp program for freethinking children, but was refused because Camp Quest’s “beliefs do not align with the Christian philosophy of our organization.”

It’s hard to believe, in the 21st century, people can experience discrimination just because they happen to not believe in a god. It makes our work for humanism all the more important. If you’re not a member already, I hope you will join the American Humanist Association to enable our resources in Congress, in the courts, and through local communities across the country to end discrimination against atheists once and for all.

Maggie Ardiente
Editor, HNN