More Than Monthly Meetings: How AHA Chapters Get Involved in Community Events

Rachael Berman reports on the community activities of some of our most active AHA Chapters!

Are you a member of a local humanist group? Is your group interested in participating in local community events, such as festivals and parades, but doesn’t know where to start? Do you want to increase the visibility of your local group? Well, look no further! Here are some events that AHA Chapters recently participated in:

Do you want to be in the center of the action while supporting equal rights for individuals? Well, this is what the Bay Area Humanists did when they participated in the LGBT PRIDE Parade in June. They assembled in downtown San Francisco and formed an atheist/humanist contingent in the PRIDE parade. Members of the group carried signs, chanted and cheered as they walked through the streets of San Francisco. Many cities host PRIDE parades throughout the summer so check it out and have your group participate in your town’s next PRIDE parade.

WNC HumanistsSummer festivals are a great way for groups to get involved with the community while simultaneously promoting your chapter. The WNC Humanists did just that by having a booth at the Bele Chere Music and Arts Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. The WNC Humanists were one of 30 non-profit groups selected from over 100 non-profits to have a booth at Bele Chere. At the festival, WNC Humanists distributed hundreds of stickers, bracelets, pens and pencils, magnets, necklaces, newsletters and pamphlets. 

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio has had a booth at Columbus’ Community Festival, or Comfest, for decades. Every summer, Comfest brings together thousands of people and local organizations who share humanistic values and support the defense of civil liberties and secular governance. As a result, Comfest has been a valuable opportunity for humanists to build their community, network and generate good will.

As humanists we support many progressive issues. The Humanist Society of New Mexico Humanist Society of New Mexico is supporting equal rights for women by participating in Women’s Equality Day later this month. Women’s Equality Day is held every August 26th, commemorating the day when women gained the right to vote in 1920. This year’s event will feature music, poetry, art and activism. This event is a great way to bring together like-minded individuals and presents the opportunity to make new connections and new friends.

If any of these community events sound like something your local group would enjoy, I encourage you to give it a try or combine forces and collaborate with another local group. If your town does not have a summer festival or PRIDE parade, then start one!

Please let us know about the community events your local group participates in the comments below. 

Rachael Berman, Grassroots and Celebrant Program CoordinatorRachael Berman is the grassroots organizer for the American Humanist Association.