Photo Caption Contest

The Last HNN Photo Caption Contest: National Day of Reason Edition (May 11)

The winner was Jason Roberts with:
“Really big sign: Overcompensating for a really small … mind.”

Runner up was Jeremy Dwyer with:
“Humanists give new meaning to the term ‘curb appeal.’”

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

NEW Photo Caption Contest:
What are Steve Wozniak and Richard Dawkins thinking in this picture? 

Submit your idea for a caption for this photo and receive a special prize—a random book from theAmerican Humanist Association’s library in Washington DC! Think of it as the humanist version’s Random Bag of Crap. It’s random. It’s mysterious. Who knows which book it will be?

Submit your entry to or leave a comment below. Contest ends at noon on Tuesday, June 14, and the winner will be notified shortly after.