Photo Caption Contest: Kissing Darwin

What’s happening in this picture? Submit your idea for a caption for this photo and receive a special prize—a random book from the American Humanist Association’s library in Washington DC! Think of it as the humanist version of’s Random Bag of Crap. It’s random. It’s mysterious. Who knows which book it will be?

Submit your entry to hnn@americanhumanist.orgor leave a comment below. Contest ends at 12:00pm ET on Tuesday, November 27. The winner will be notified shortly after.

Thanks to our Humanist Voices in Verse editor, Daniel Thomas Moran, for submitting this photo! (If you took a funny or interesting photo and think it would be great for our next Photo Caption Contest, write to The best kinds of photos are related to humanism in some way: photos from chapter meetings, freethought conferences and events, etc.)